Thursday, May 8, 2014

Gaming Doldrums

So recently I've had a problem many gamers have had from time to time, the gamer doldrums. The last 6-8months have seen quite a few changes in my life. I got out of the army, moved to a new state, started a new job, and most importantly had a daughter. The change in dynamics has for the most part taken the wind out of my gaming sails. I've tried to jump start it a few times with no luck and I've actually ended up selling quite a bit recently. I look at it as sort of clearing the palette. In the last few months I've attempted to start: Dropzone Commander Dust Warfare Bolt Action Infinity I've sold in the last few months: Everything Warmachine/Hordes Dust A couple of superfluous 40K armies Dystopian Wars Malifeaux a couple of other bits and pieces. Most of this isn't because I don't like these games or systems. Part of the issue is that being new in town and not having a whole lot of time I haven't been able to mingle with the local gaming crowd much. This means no real incentive to hobby or play. Some of these games are played in the area and some I've got no bites on so I made the decision as part of my plan to claw my way back into the hobby I love, to get rid of most of it and focus on a few games. The first is 40K. Contrary to what seems to be popular opinion on the web, I like 6th edition and I'm liking the rumors for the update/new edition coming next month. I've got a good sized space marine army already, bought a knight and have two more coming and I've got some interest in building my all time favorite army = Blood Angels. I'm going to keep my Bolt Action stuff, I don't have a lot, it's partially painted and it looks like a fun game. There's a crowd of guys who just got into it so I know I can get some games. I have 2 kickstarters coming, Robotech whenever it releases and Aliens Vs Predator, both of which should arrive sometime this summer and both of which offer some fun hobby oppurtunities. Beyond that I'm going to try to focus on that handful of games and not wander too much. The pace is going to be slow for a while, my schedule can be restrictive but I should be able to do some hobby work, get an occasional game in and I should be able to blog some moving forward. We'll see if it sticks this time around...

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